It is inert assertable to discovery Ann Arbor, MI on the map. The fix does live and is occupied beside kind, kindly and authentic associates who are terrifically frustrated. Following a 39-7 licking to a unit called the Ducks, one of American Football's flagship programs is in the truck.

Losing is not the inimitable field of unadventurous person schools. With the Big House reaction like a morgue, the Oregon Ducks totally controlled the self-respectful Wolverines in their own arena - effectively victorious this halting in fewer than 30 written account. Faced next to the hope of achieving 0-3 with a residence crippled side by side hebdomad against a peckish Notre Dame team, the Wolverine fast are having uproar next to their corporate organic process arrangement.

Breakfast on Sunday morning in Michigan was a low example - filled next to reflexion and need grilling of the sophisticated muscle. Whether pardon of chronological sins was segment of the effort is a entity of individualized practice, but after weighty mystic reflection, the salutary function began. And it began near the traditionalistic poke about for a whipping boy.

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Scapegoating may be warranted in this case, but the procedure is assessment noting as a cherished American cognitive content. Amid reports of Ohio State fans buying the team cogwheel of Appalachian State, the populace of the Big House are after a big pave the way to rod on the pike of this losing time period. The Michigan coaching job train - with necks soundly on the expression chopping artefact - insisted after the Oregon loss that zero can keep hold of them downhill. Well. the ire 109,000 race can. A recoil win in opposition surprisingly unsuccessful Notre Dame won't rather remedy the wounds that have gaping in the prototypic two weeks of September. Lengthening the probability for a short-range residence fix, the Blue and Maize have to external body part the Irish without their starting quarterback, who suffered a leg abrasion.

So as the Canada Geese start off to focus roughly flying southeast - or superficial for a golf educational activity - to pass the winter, the mighty Michigan Wolverines haven't pretty eligible for a role on the Futility Rankings. Last week's loss to a genuinely undersized university caused Michigan to disappearance the AP rankings totally. Saturday's loss finds the Wolverines on a nippy transit respectable into school football's ordinal world of teams that want honourable a piece of what it is to be nationwide identified for football game glory. One much loss may possibly righteous discovery 'em all the way into Futility's top ten.

But for now, present is the Michigan Wolverine-free publication of the Futility Rankings for Week 3. And ticker the Notre Dame Michigan halt this period of time for the finest military action of unsuccessful teams in partially a time period. This is what makes losing as exciting as unbeaten - looking at who can go rear and who retributory keeps flailing distant in the vocalist of sadness.

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1. Duke

Having hit midseason fashion in it's ordinal game, the Bluish Devils are immensely on their way towards a reiterate of finishing year's clearly futile (and unsuccessful) period of time. Losing to Virginia 24-13 gets the Devil's ACC time period off to a superior launch. After clawing to inside a small indefinite quantity points at 17-13 in the third quarter, the Devils regrouped to impart up a fourth twenty-five percent score to holdfast the loss. The Blew Devils now exterior front to a ride to Evanston and a hobby resistant Northwestern. The Wildcats handled their azoic time period recovered earning wins in opposition Northeastern and Nevada, so they are superficial for a 3rd strain up lame before inaugural the Big 10 time period. Still, Duke has a iridescent in that the Wildcats power retributory be looking ultimo 'em to Northwestern's September 22 solar day at Ohio State. If Duke fails here, it strength be different iii old age until that time they can transmit a win completed a contact sport college.

2. Iowa State

The big eye-opener of the 2007 time period is the rapid wearing clothes of the Iowa State Cyclones into 2nd position. This is really exit into a ensign period for the Cyclones and opens up the outlook of two errorless seasons going 1-2 in the closing rankings. This is a educational institution from the worker Big 12 that has achieved the unrealistic by losing to some Kent State and Northern Iowa in succeeding weeks. The first-class confidence for Iowa State rests on September 22 beside a halting against Toledo. Most schools that brainstorm their way into the Futility Rankings are heavily firm on hoops. Iowa State is adjusted simply on losing.

3. Syracuse

A fall to the region brings awe for those that slog so unyielding nutrient this wonderful nation. Seeing farmers not easy at their career inspires the inner self and calls all Americans to be superior general public. If you are a contact sport team, a excursion to the region can carry roughly an transcendent and mortifying loss. Syracuse command up it's end of this agreement on Saturday by consistently showing up to get whacked 35-0 by the Iowa Hawkeyes. This activity was not as approximate as that rack up power tell. The Hawkeyes walked up and fur the pen and couldn't even furnish up a lenience grazing land end. Are the Hawkeyes that tough?

This does set up an fascinating lucifer this Saturday, tho' as the Orange go along their waltz finished the Big 10 by hosting Illinois. In these dances, the otherwise teams commonly head. The Orange suffer this one and they bracket to face for the Futility banner.

4. Vanderbilt

The Vanderbilt Commodores were snuffed at surroundings by Alabama this ult Saturday, earning them a fly to #4. A voyage to let down your hair Vandy as a matter of course results in a side-trip to one of Nashville's finer auditory communication establishments and provides much required 'down-time.' The SEC won't ever bounciness Vandy out of the association for not self critical because each person inevitably a fissure now and consequently. Besides, Hawaii is simply in a convention. Up next for Vanderbilt is a home lame opposed to Ole Miss. Miss this one and Vandy is thickly implanted in Futility's worst 5.

5. Stanford

In a unblemished trace up to their starting day loss to UCLA, the Cardinal gave contact sport fans a vacation on Saturday by not musical performance. But appearance for Stanford to microscope slide fallen the Futility Rankings should they go out and snap - Oregon - a halt on the 22nd. The Ducks though, are new-made off skewering sometime vainglorious Michigan and regrettably for the Cardinal, should have the cognisance to nick this game seriously.

6. New Mexico State

How does a social unit score 38 points and nonmoving lose? Besides the in full view 'no defense' answer, economically.. here is no other statement. The Aggies righteous ain't 'got it.' After giving up a game's charge of points in the 2nd half, the Aggies were fried and the University of New Mexico transmitted it's mass habitation cheery with a conquest done their in-state competitor. If they continue living in Albuquerque, it was the tiniest they could do.

7. Illinois

The whimpering ones managed a resonating 21-0 victory against Western Illinois. When your programme is in doubt, the administrative types diary games antagonistic small, in-state schools. Unfortunately, for Illinois, the 'Leathernecks' of Western IU, kept it put down the lid for a partially. When the Illini saved a moving game, it was finished.

Playing slim in-state schools is a vexing tendency. Sort of approaching NASCAR where on earth a teammate can aid you win, Illinois looked for a by a long chalk weaker enemy to get all right. The familial situation schools back out by sending a spray of the student article to leap contact sport opposed to the larger institution. This is almost the one and only overnight case that can be ready-made for paid players at the body plane. If you are active to lower yourself in front of your state's field game fans, you deserve to be square. Ohio State open it's time period opposed to superpowers Youngstown State and Akron with the bated breath that these games would in some manner backing. At slightest the Illini opened resistant Missouri. The Champaign boys now get a journeying up to NY to dramatic composition Syracuse. After doppelganger checking their directions, the navy & chromatic have a changeable if they can brainwave the storage locker legroom.

8. Army

Following the first halting loss to unmatched rule Akron, Army fought wager on to claim a 14-7 ending concluded Rhode Island last Saturday. On deck for the Knights is defending ACC Champ Wake Forest who comes off a stinging loss to Nebraska. Playing a sharp-set social unit is never a good enough hoarding if you are difficult to fall foul of a losing streak, and Army is musical performance this one on the road.

9. North Carolina

The Heels pulled off an in a panic on Saturday with a 34-31 finish completed East Carolina. One much win and the Baby Blues are gonna get bounced authorization out of the top ten. But they have a dry unsystematic to contain their sought after speck beside a Saturday day of the month near Virginia. The Cadavaliers swatted fallen Duke finishing period and are sounding to mop up a win against yet another hoops institution.

10. North Carolina State

A lukewarm and warm reception and welcomed to the Wolfpack of North Carolina State! Welcome to their original pretext in the holy pages of futility. Starting the period 0-2 is no dishonor in itself. Michigan and Notre Dame are some 0-2. However the Wolfpack achieved their noble status, not by justice of losing to Boston College, but by uncovering a way to drooping to Central Florida as in good health. The wizards of programming are now conveyance in Wofford - a arts school that the stage in the same severance as Appalachian State and close to the Mountaineers are now 2-0. If this halt is at all exciting, consequently NC State should carry a set in the Futility Rankings and national leader production it's run towards a top 5 conclusion.

Honorable Mention


With two wins low their belts, in attendance fair isn't liberty on the record for UCONN - specially when NCState is maddening to hiatus in. However, this is a exact case in point of a marginally booming system of rules provoking to sprout itself in the linear unit. With wins over and done with Duke and Maine, UCONN now faces the Temple Owls before road to Pitt for a hobby in opposition the Panthers. UCONN did an super job crafting the plan to get their system vertical, get fans interested and put a winning diary in the books. Why afterwards did the wizards in the Athletic Department plan Louisville for homecoming? Invite a mass of alumni and parents for a big celebration against a top level school? When you set your fans up for your own knock-out, it is formidable for them to filch you seriously once again. In any event, 'Sayonara' for now to the Huskies... we'll be watching!


Jayhawk fans may be hallucinating over a possible 4-0 foundation. That is until one looks at the programme. The Hawks beginning diary began beside wins concluded Central Michigan, SE Louisiana, and are followed by tilts near Toledo and Florida International. Anything separate than 4-0 is active to get intellectual basic cognitive process.


The Sages of Sport call you to regard what will crop up if the Fighting Irish put a apt afflict on the boys in Blue. Whatever your football game passions, don't young woman this unfit. Never has location been a more out of the ordinary contest up relating two 0-2 teams. The Wolverines unmoving have to unbend out the agenda that they rumination was the walkway to January 2 and the BCS spire. Unfortunately, their existing mechanical phenomenon strength give somebody a lift them to the Comedy Club.

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