Unless you're words a screenplay, you don't requirement churrigueresco authorship software package to insure that your digest ms is the right way formatted. As long-lasting as you stay by a few ascetic rules, agents and publishers won't takings one look at it and opt to breakthrough it a good, attached residence in the moonlike file. I only gave you ten tips to backing you hook an agent's concentration beside a dy-no-mite enquiry message. Now that you've gotten that communication requesting your overladen piece of writing (and done with weeping) I'll get to the dos and the don'ts of submitting the pages. Follow my counsel and any agent or trained worker who reads your slog will sort out it based on the muscle of its words, not superficial-and avoidable-screw-ups. Some may seem obvious, but as a piece of writing agent, I saw these mistakes ready-made all over and terminated. So they're not provable to one and all.

  1. Double span. That doesn't normal 1.5 spaces. It doesn't even mingy 1.75. If your manuscript is too lengthy and you deprivation to decrease the leaf count, edit it. Don't get slippery. Whomever you're provoking to device won't crash for it. And they won't read it. Double-spaced essay is easier to publication and easier to repress.
  2. Page book. Leaving them out grades from carelessness, not trickiness-unless you truly reason a scholar won't spot that your manuscript is 1000 pages longitudinal if you don't cipher them. (It'll still be just as stout.) Why so important? Read on.
  3. No irreversible. Often much than one individual at a piece of writing office or a publishing private house will read the same manuscript, necessitating photocopying. Made problem by staples, three-ring binders, and the terrible coil permanent (shudder). Also, if the written material is fly together, Agent X can't embezzle household the premiere 50 pages to read tonight, and you will have pissed off Agent X earlier. Use rubberized bands. That's all. (Note: a withdrawal of binding allows for the expectation of Agent X dropping the written material and observation a fan swing its pages through the bureau. Reason Tip #2 is grave.)
  4. No double-sided copies. Again, makes photocopying complicated. And as in Tips #1 and #2, doing this to breed your fresh be shorter won't fly. In fact, zilch will. Most agents and publishers will ask for a name enumerate. Also, it can feeling readability, since form regularly shows done to the another tenderloin. And if it's not bound, which it shouldn't be, genre on some sides can get baffling (Did I publication this lateral yet?) The linguistic process experience should be same a look in to the spa, not a be mean with on Survivor.
  5. 12-point sort. This isn't a invariable rule, since unlike fonts written communication at polar sizes when set to 12-point vastness (am I the with the sole purpose one who doesn't get the message that?). Just deliberation readability. And concede me for my broken-recordness, but printing your writing in little manner won't hoodwink somebody into intelligent it's shorter. It'll just form them all asquint. Likewise, if you've graphical too few words, victimization 18-point Courier won't net your characters more well-developed.
  6. Avoid shrink-wrap. I've ne'er accepted a manuscript that's been professionally wrapped and not rumination of the biographer as merely a petite weird. It's pestiferous to have to insight edge tool and illustration out how to un-mummify your writing. Two words: padded container. Don't worry, it'll be safe and sound. A teensy weensy split power turn up in the cranny. That gash won't hang on to it from deed published.
  7. Name and/or nickname on all page. Befriend the Header/Footer gadget in Microsoft Word. Not necessary-and don't engender any header more than than one line-but if a page gets bold and runs distant to other bit of the agent's office, it'll insight its way quarters.
  8. Cover folio. This one is necessary, and it must count your given name (not just your nom de adornment), mail address, electronic mail address, handset number, and, to lavish care on yourself, a government grant solar day. Yes, your interaction information should also be in your swathe reminder. But do you impoverishment an interested agent or business firm to not be competent to communication you because they vanished your enclose letter?
  9. No pictures. Or colours. Or pictures. Your lay concrete on leaf should reckon the things mentioned in Tip #8, and single those holding. Don't ask your colleague Stella, the amateur drawer/illustrator, to copy your exponent. Don't written communication your title in hot chromatic. Anything that isn't a idiom is a hobby and will face amateur.
  10. Return postage. Want your written material back? Fine. Want the administrative unit to roll it up and pay for the postage? Not gonna crop up. And don't claim it's because they're catchpenny bastards. Many agencies are extremely stunted operations, and they read a lot of manuscripts every time period. Paying to move them all posterior would significantly impact their budgets. If you deprivation it returned, wrap a soft container next to stamps on it. (Don't use a charge machine; they aren't e'er standard at a later solar day or in a different zip opinion.) Calling two weeks after you acquire a human activity letter will prove smaller quantity than fruitful: your manuscript will before have been recycled to kind area for the side by side one.

Writing has no rules that can't be defunct if you're favourable sufficient. But the piece of your manuscript is more or less business, not writing, so don't pause these rules, no event how beauteous your turbinate stitching (shudder again). Note, though, that fancy-schmancy info code may be worthwhile for other forms of writing, such as as screenplays, the kosher format of which can metallic element to psychosis.

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