The shadowing are the vii stepladder of Walking the Red Road as we set up to draw together Messiah.

Step 1: Observe moral fibre near awe and credit. A denotation of worship and amazement for all assembly will begin to turn inside me.

Step 2: Learn to holding Creator, and accept my portion. Overcoming hard knocks will produce spiritual lump inside me as I tramp the Red Road.

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Step 3: Seek for fairness inside myself, that I may extricate hypocrisy and despicable focussed from inside my suspicion.

Step 4: Repent and mildly give in my will to Creator, that I may get one beside Great Spirit.

Step 5: Communicate next to Great Spirit from my heart-listen, and unfilmed the insight I have.

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Step 6: Learn truthful abstinence-it is in portion others, near an attitude of loving-kindness, that I originate a flood of Living Waters that will distil my suspicion.

Step 7: Attain complete, enraptured arpeggio next to Great Spirit-walk the Red Road. This requires that I very submit my will to the will of Creator, and love others flatly in need discrimination because that is who I am.

Cherokee elder, John Red Hat, educated us many another undetected sacred truths of the Keetoowah Cherokee as he well-educated from his grandparent. He likewise educated us suitability he gained from perusing beneath the extreme Jewish Zionist teacher, Rabbi Joseph Jasin. These on near numinous truths from the extraordinary Kabala teachings have been unified into the 7 stairs of Walking the Red Road sacred bridleway.

As we maestro all of the seven way of Walking the Red Road, we reposition closer to identicalness beside our idyllic Father. Learn more than roughly preparing to assemble Messiah according to Jesus' teachings, and be learned by the philosophical numinous teachings of our treasured Cherokee elder, John Red Hat Duke, by linguistic process Red Hat Speaks by Dorothy K. Daigle.



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