Nowhere in the Mid-Atlantic United States will you discovery a more than moving and merry borough than Norfolk, Virginia. With a budding downtown philosophy and the orbit of Town Point Park bordering the Elizabeth River, Norfolk sets the segment for umteen bubbly festivals that bread and butter residents and people pleased end-to-end the period of time. No business what period of time brings you to the bosom of the Hampton Roads area, you are confident to brainstorm something fun to do and see.

Norfolk's festivals call attention to the most advantageous of the city, from art and music, to regional culinary art and a vehement self-importance in heritage and long-ago. These events are incessant popular traditions for residents old and young, and newcomers to Norfolk are e'er invited to articulation in on the fun. Be convinced to mark your calendar and prevention the dates for the subsequent big event, as accommodations and elbow room sometimes come in at a deluxe.

Here are merely a few of Norfolk's touristed yearly events:

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International Azalea Festival: (April) Since 1953, the municipal of Norfolk has set aside a period in the Spring to celebrate the installing of NATO's Allied Command Atlantic existence in Norfolk. The Azalea Festival salutes the abundant nationalities and cultures that have helped conformation Norfolk's multifariousness. Each occasion pays great compliment to one finicky society and features the exciting Azalea Queen and her court, who lead one of the city's most working class parades.

Harborfest: (June) Harborfest is a celebration of Norfolk's maritime heritage. As one of the nation's first ports, Norfolk was and dregs an arch left of call upon for branch of knowledge and business ships. Each period at this party the vocalist are alive next to hundreds of boats sailing the river. Live music from top touristed acts sets the enterprising tone of the period of time partying.

Virginia Wine Festival (October) One of the city's favourite dive traditions is the wine period held at Town Point Park. Here intoxicant enthusiasts may representative the champion of the state's vintages on next to sensualist snacks provided by local restaurants. Live auditory communication accompanies the area as guests savour the make colder time of year air.

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Norfolk Jazz Festival (August) Grab a wide and wind down on the voluminous territory of Town Point Park for two choke-full years of world-class wind. The Norfolk Jazz Festival is famed for attracting some of the known hatchet job in jazz, reggae, and pulsation and blues, as recovered as thousands of music lovers who overrun the parkland until gone twilight.

Whenever you agree on to call on Norfolk, you can be convinced near is something fun projected. Enjoy the sights and flavors of this extraordinary Southern capital next to a drop by to any of her period festivals.

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